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Wrapping / De-Chroming / Light Tinting

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Please see our statement at the bottom of this page regarding Full Vinyl Wraps / Colour Changes.

Partial Wrapping

A fantastic way to customise your vehicle to stand out from the crowd. You can also make subtle changes that your friends or family wouldn't even know that it was a wrap! We often wrap Range Rover roofs as the body line from the glass up is often an option from factory and our black vinyl wrap can mimic that factory look. You may want to wrap anything from spoilers, mirrors, splitters, bonnets and interior parts.


De-Chroming is the same as vehicle wrapping, it is a coloured vinyl wrap used to transform chrome and silver trims to gloss black in most cases. Like vehicle wrapping any colour is available when De-Chroming, 95% of the time gloss black is used to achieve a more factory look. Quite often manufacturers will have a 'black edition or night pack' as an option on models higher up the range or as a costly optional extra.  

Light tinting

Headlight and tailight tinting. We're not talking yellow fog lights unfortuantely if that's what you're hoping for. The light tinting service we offer comes in 3 shades - light, medium, dark. We spent years trying to find the right light tinting film and we came to the conclusion if it looks like a wrapped light then it's not good enough! The film we use has stood the test of time and looks like glass! The reflection and finish looks outstanding!

## Currently suspended ## FULL vehicle wraps / Vinyl colour changes ## Currently suspended ##

We started our business wanting to mainly offer full vehicle wrapping or colour change wraps. However, since starting the business in 2013 we have in the more recent years found ourselves coming away from full colour change wraps. Now we find our calendar week to week fully booked with Xpel Paint Protection Film / Window Tinting / Partial Vehicle Wrapping / Light Tinting / De-Chroming work. We still offer the vehicle wrapping services mentioned above but unfortunately we are not in a position to offer full colour change wraps as our main focus is on Clear Paint Protection Film.

Please feel free to contact us as we are happy to recommend other vehicle wrappers we have met and can offer you advice regarding full colour change wraps.



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