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Ceramic Coating / Detailing

Here is an insight to what is happening in the video above - Simply Ceramic Coating Magic!

As the logo ‘XPEL’ reveals itself you’ll see the water surrounding it escape and run off the bonnet. This is the hydrophobic magic that is Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating. The coating you see is Fusion Plus a product from XPEL and the perfect add on to our PPF (Paint Protection Film) services. 

But what is it that’s happening?

The reason you can see the word ‘XPEL’ is because we applied the logo as a vinyl sticker to the bonnet. We then applied the ceramic coating over the entire bonnet (including over the top of the vinyl sticker) If you’re still not quite sure what a ceramic coating is, it’s essentially a liquid applied to the paintwork (or PPF) Just imagine that the bonnet has been treated with a wax. As the ceramic coating has now bonded to the paintwork on a nanoscopic level it’s essentially invisible! We then removed the vinyl sticker meaning that where this sticker was during the coating process, the paintwork underneath did not receive any ceramic. 

So what you are seeing is the water sticking and staying on the untreated area (the word XPEL) The rest of the bonnet which has been ceramic coated you can see that the ceramic has lowered the friction of the surface making it extremely smooth. Ultimately this will mean that any water or dirt won’t cling to the car as it usually would and future cleaning will be now be a whole lot easier!

Detailing - Machine Polishing

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