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Lifetime Warranty

Our colour stable window tint means the film won't fade. We've been tinting since 2013 and have always offered a lifetime warranty.

Computer cut window tints

We have access to a large database filled with all makes and models. Ready to plot at the click of a button for perfect tints everytime!

5% 20% 35% 50%

Limo black or a factory look we can help you choose the right shade for your car on the day of your appointment.

Xpel Window Tinting information

Our automotive window tinting services are a worthwhile investment and offer our customers many benefits, including:

  • UV Protection – Our high quality tinting film actually provides SPF 500 and will filter out 99% of harmful UV (Ultra Violet) rays emitted by the sun. This will significantly reduce the fading of vehicle seats, carpets, interiors and also protect your skin.

  • Heat Reduction – Because the tinted film blocks and reflects UV rays and IR, it also reducse the internal temperature of your car, helping you keep cool on warm days. With considerable heat reduction your air conditioning won’t have to work so hard, reducing your fuel consumption and saving you money.

  • Safety & Security – In the event of an accident, our tinted film will hold together any shattered glass, allowing you to safely and easily push the glass outward once broken. In contrast, if someone attempts to break into your vehicle, the tinted film offers an additional layer of protection, as it is very difficult to push inward—even when the glass is broken.

  • Increased Privacy – Our premium tinted films will give you and your passengers more privacy and ensure that the contents of your car is not visible to potential thieves.

  • Reduced Glare – Our tinted films reduce dangerous glare from the natural sunlight, vehicle headlights and other reflective surfaces.


We only ever tint our customer’s car windows using Xpel Prime premium grade, multi-layered tinted films, which are functional as well as being stylish. So whether you are looking to make your car safer for you and your family or simply enhance the cosmetic appearance of your vehicle, Wraps & Tints, Chorley, will provide automotive window tinting at the best quality and the best price.


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